Immingham centre update

Our Immingham port chaplain Fr Colum Kelly (pictured) sent us this update on the seafarers’ centre which was destroyed following last year’s tidal surge. 
                  The building work has been delayed by a week but this gave us more time to think how best to make use of the space. We want to create a centre that caters for the needs of seafarers in today’s world, so this gives us an excellent opportunity to adapt the space to that end. Our plight has been well publicised, the local press and radio stations have been here to give us coverage on their news bulletins. Maybe one good thing to emerge from this is a heightened awareness in the community of what we actually do. Local parishes have begun to fundraise to help us. A major engineering company in the port is organising sponsorship for us with a Benidorm Or Bust charity rally. ABP have pledged its support for this venture and will encourage sponsorship from its customers. 

Fr Colum Kelly AoS port chaplain for Immingham
                  But the wonderful work of outreach to the people of this invisible world goes on. Chaplaincy is now a mobile mission. My bus is stuffed to the gills with laptops, phone cards, mobile wi-fi connections, toiletries, chocolate, and, of course, my Mass kit. Mass is celebrated on board ships. The building may be in ruin but our mission continues and in a strange way this is witness in itself. The mission of the Church is not dependent on buildings. We adapt, whatever the conditions, and the work of bringing something of the love of God into this harsh environment continues. (You can read the initial story here) 


The seafarers centre in Immingham was destroyed by a tidal surge
The centre may be destroyed but AoS' mission carries on.