Injured fisherman supported

A Filipino seafarer is on the mend thanks to the Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) who attended to him following his recent injury. 
              Doug Duncan, AoS Northeast Scotland port chaplain attended to fisherman Roy whose leg was badly damaged while working to support his family back home. 
              Now the seafarer finds himself back in Shetland from where he was airlifted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, hopeful that he could return to work within the next few weeks. 
              Doug made several visits to see the injured seafarer after his operation which proved a success. 
              Doug said: “I took a call from our contact in Lerwick on March 16 regarding an injured Filipino fisherman who had been rushed to the Gilbert Bain hospital in Shetland and was in the process of being airlifted to the Aberdeen Royal infirmary. 
              “Roy had just came out of surgery on my arrival and following a long chat an emergency kit was provided comprising toiletries, underwear, clothes, top up cards to allow communication to his family back home and rosary beads a comfort in his time of need.” 
              Doug also visited Roy on Palm Sunday with communion and a palm cross which Roy had said was a blessing as he was missing his family back in the Philippines. 
              Roy said: “I am very grateful to Apostleship of the Sea for all their support when I needed it most.”

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Roy in hospital in Aberdeen where AoS port chaplain visited and supported him