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Having a friend could make a real difference to the lives of seafarers this Lent

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You can imagine seafaring in days gone by… A stop-over in port meant several nights in a Stella Maris hostel, a crew evening out, sightseeing, and a dance with the locals at the seafarers’ bar. Today, it couldn’t be more different.

Modernisation has changed the shipping industry beyond recognition. Now crew numbers are minimal, port turnaround times are rapid, and goods arrive to our shores in record time. But it comes at a cost.

Two out of five seafarers recently said they felt ‘sad, depressed or hopeless’. And more than half felt ‘afraid, anxious or worried’ several times in the previous week

Now more than ever, seafarers need in-person care from a friend in port. This Lent, you can help provide it.

The power of friendship

We all know, by now, the powerful impact of human connection; a video call is a poor substitute for a hug from the grandchildren, watching a livestream Mass will never match being in church.

With your support this Lent, volunteers and chaplains like me, up and down the country, can visit seafarers in urgent need.

With your help, we can chat on deck or at the end of the gangway. We can deliver vital supplies to seafarers not allowed to disembark. We can put the Gospel into action through simple acts of kindness.

In the long, hard months at sea, your care really matters.

During Lent, we remember that Jesus himself knew isolation and the anguish of separation in the wilderness. He faced adversity alone. Our Lord knows how seafarers suffer; it’s up to us to show them God’s love.

Today, you can provide seafarers with a real, present, compassionate friend who will listen, love and care.

This Lent, you can provide seafarers with a vital friend

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