Letter from AoS Features in the Financial Times

Today's edition of The Financial Times features a letter from AoS written by Director of Development, John Green a response to an article Construction is not the only industry blacklisting workers.
   John was highlighting the forgotten area of seafarer rights. AoS strives to lobby on behalf of seafarers and this letter should spread the word to a wider audience that may not have heard of us before. Here is what was printed.
From Mr John Green.
Sir, The report “Construction industry faces claims for compensation over blacklist” (October 19) brings to mind the blacklisting also occurring in shipping. Seafarers are usually recruited by manning agents in labour supply countries such as the Philippines and eastern Europe. Port chaplains visiting seafarers tell of the palpable fear of being blacklisted. Conditions on ships can be tough, so working conditions will have to be pretty tough before a seafarer would even considering making a complaint. The recent Dispatches Channel 4 programme “Cruises Undercover: The Truth Below Deck” also suggested that this may be the case also on cruise ships.
       Blacklisting can throw seafarers and whole dependent families unjustly into a sea of uncertainty and unemployment, affecting them for a lifetime. Investigations into blacklisting must not be restricted to construction, but be extended to include inspection of ships in UK ports.
       John Green,
       Director of Development.