Mass on ship after seafarer dies

Catholic seafarers’ charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) has organised Mass for the crew of a cargo ship following the death of their colleague. 
              The crew of the MV Moonray were left distressed and saddened after a 26 year-old Filipino crew member died after an accident on board in late May. 
              The ship is docked at Mombasa Port, Kenya in late June, and AoS Mombasa port chaplain George Sunguh has been on board to support the crew.
              “I was able arrange for a priest, Fr. Harisson Yaa, to celebrate Mass on board. He also blessed several cabins and other areas on the ship as requested by the crew,” he said. 
              “The presence of an AoS port chaplain and priest on board was a source of great comfort and support to the crew,” he added. 
AoS in Mombasa arranged for Mass for the crew after the death of their colleague

              The dead seafarer and the ship’s crew are known to AoS Tilbury port chaplain Wojciech Holub. 
              Wojciech had met them when the MV Moonray was docked at Gravesend, Kent, in early May. 
              “We had spent time talking with the deceased seafarer and his colleagues and praying with them,” he said, adding that he was shocked when he learnt about the man’s death. 
              “It makes you appreciate the dangers and risks that seafarers face in the course of their work,” he added.
Fr Harisson Yaa blesses the ship mv Moonray following the death of a crew member