Mass to celebrate legacies

On July 20th a special Mass was celebrated in the Blessed John Henry Newman Chapel at Apostleship of the Sea headquarters.
              We prayed for the souls of all deceased supporters of AoS who had left us gifts in their Wills, as well as giving thanks for all current supporters who have pledged a gift in their Will. 
              Present at the Mass were several members of the League of St Peter – the association formed to celebrate legacy giving to AoS.
              They were representing 135 current supporters who are known to have promised a gift in their Will, as well as many others who prefer to remain anonymous. 
              Also present were members of the family of the late John Steggles, who very kindly supported AoS for many years and then left a generous gift when he passed away last year.
              They represented all the families whose members have left legacies to AoS over the last 100 years. 
Fr Colum Kelly celebrates the AoS Legacy Mass
              The Mass was celebrated by Immingham port chaplain Fr Colum Kelly. On the altar during the Mass was a book recording the names of all known members of the League of St Peter, past and present. 
              DVD recordings of the Mass are being sent to invitees who were unable to attend and who requested copies.
              There are a few spare copies available on a first-come, first-served basis – please speak to Legacy Officer Alastair Emblem on 07715 905103. 
              For information about leaving AoS a gift in your Will, please follow this link, or contact Alastair on the above number.
              You can also watch our Legacy video here.