New directory to help seafarers launched

Apostleship of the Sea has launched an enlarged directory of port chaplains around the world to help seafarers access help and advice more easily. The Port Chaplain Directory 2014 contains the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the Catholic maritime agency’s chaplains in over 260 ports worldwide. 
              AoS director of development John Green said, “We have chaplains in most of the world’s ports, and this year’s directory also contains contact details for a good number of ports not previously included such as Jersey and Poole in the UK, La Spezia and the unfortunately now infamous Lampedusa in Italy as well as Naoetsu in Japan and Long Beach and Pascagoula in the USA.” 
              The directory is available both online and in hard copy and port authorities or shipping companies wanting copies for their crews should get in contact with the charity. “Providing up to date and accurate details of all our chaplains will be a valuable resource for both seafarers and many others working in the shipping industry.” said Green.
              “The directory enables our chaplains to provide holistic care for seafarers in port after port worldwide. It proved critical in the aftermath of the recent Typhoon Haiyan, enabling our port chaplains – not least those working on the ground in the Philippines – to quickly provide seafarers with information and contact details of other chaplains around the world."  
AoS chaplains provide both practical and spiritual support to seafarers. 
              Visit this link to download a pdf of the directory

An Apostleship of the Sea port chaplain visits a ship
The new directory contains contact details of AoS' chaplains in over 260 ports worldwide