New port chaplain directory

Apostleship of the Sea has launched a revised version of its global port chaplains’ directory which helps crew get access to help and advice wherever they are in the world.
                 The ‘Port Chaplain Directory 2015’ contains the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the Catholic maritime agency’s chaplains in 207 ports across 38 countries.
It lists AoS’ chaplains working in some of the world’s trouble spots in 2014 such as Ukraine and Congo, and parts of the Philippines devastated by typhoons. 
                 The directory covers both the shipping and fishing sectors and includes AoS’ port-based and cruise chaplains
                 “As seen in previous years, the directory is a fantastic resource for seafarers, chaplains and others in the maritime sector and shows the extensive nature of our ministry across the globe,” said AoS national director Martin Foley
Apostleship of the Sea has launched a revised version of the global Port Chaplain Directory

                 AoS has printed 10,000 copies of the directory to give out to seafarers at ports.  
                 The directory is available both online and in hard copy and port authorities or shipping companies wanting copies for their crews should get in contact with the charity.  
                 “Providing up to date and accurate details of all our chaplains will be a valuable resource both for seafarers and those working in the maritime industry,” said Foley. 
                 “It enables our chaplains to provide holistic care for seafarers in port after port worldwide and gives seafarers a tool to get quick and easy access to assistance and advice, including getting to Mass.”
                 You can download a PDF version of the global Port Chaplain Directory 2015 here.