Next generation learns about AoS

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) played host to work experience student Max Charlton from the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School in London for a couple of weeks in July.
                  Max, a Year 10 student, was on a two-week placement at AoS’ head office in London and during that time visited the International Maritime Organization headquarters.
                  He even got the chance to visit a general cargo ship at Ipswich port, Suffolk and the harbourmasters office at the port. 
                  Max was thrilled to discover and see for himself the day-to-day working environment of seafarers and how ships were steered safely into and out of the port. 
                  “It is an environment which differs vastly to the daily routine that I am used to.  I soon came to learn that AoS was not as small as I had first perceived; working diligently to help all those working at or around the sea. 
                  “AoS ensures that all are allowed their basic rights and are given their basic needs; food, water, salary, and protection from abuse and exploitation,”
said Max.

Max Charlton a student from Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School visited Ipswich port with AoS Ipswich port chaplain Sr Marian Davey
Max with a seafarers at Ipswich port and AoS Ipswich port chaplain Sr Marian Davey

                  AoS also gave several presentations at the London Nautical School as part of the school’s Nautical Day celebration on July 2. 
                  At the London Nautical School, AoS development director John Green and AoS London officer Roland Hayes delivered four 50-minute presentations with small groups of Year 9 boys at the school’s Nautical Day event, which comprised workshops and a career fair. 
                  The pupils learnt about how seafarers are responsible for bringing up to 95% of the goods and services consumed in the UK and how AoS supports them in their welfare and spiritual needs. 
                  John said, “The pupils enjoyed it and the boys engaged very well with the interactive resources we shared.” 
                  London Nautical School head of Religious Education Dan Merrick said the pupils responded very positively to the talks and the school enjoyed having AoS with them.
AoS director of development John Green speaks to pupils of London Nautical School
Pupils of London Nautical School listen to John Green