Nottingham Stella Maris Mass 2017

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) port chaplains and volunteers in the Diocese of Nottingham bring Christ into the world though their ministry with seafarers. 
              In a homily at the AoS Stella Maris Mass in the Cathedral of St Barnabas, Fr Andrew Cole said, “Like Our Lady, the chaplains and volunteers of AoS are called to bring Christ into the world, to be a raft helping others to come safely to port. 
              “They are called to make Jesus real, in the most difficult circumstances, with some of the most vulnerable people,” he said. 
              The Mass was held on 8th September and celebrated by Bishop Patrick McKinney. Present at Mass were AoS volunteers, supporters, head office staff and local parishioners. 
              Fr Andrew Cole who is parish priest of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham said AoS provides a warm welcome, scriptures, prayer, access to SIM cards, and social media so seafarers can connect with their families back home. 
Bishop Patrick McKinney celebrated AoS Stella Maris Mass in Nottingham
              “I can see the good AoS does from my own personal experience as parish priest of the country’s biggest port, Immingham. It’s a real joy for me to support the chaplains’ mission, to celebrate Mass on board ships, to make Christ present in the lives seafarers, to visit the Seafarers Centre and to say hello to some of the thousands who come to Immingham.” Fr Andrew added,
              “I recently celebrated Mass at the Centre and met two seafarers who told me this was the first time they’d been able to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion for nine months. 
              “That was a real insight into the life of a seafarer and the sacrifice that they make. 
              “We ask our Blessed Lady to pray for us, that we like her may joyfully welcome Christ into our hearts and bring him to birth in our lives. We pray for AoS and for its’ chaplains and ship visitors throughout the world so they will continue to be like Mary, a light shining bright, a star of the sea; who helps us to trust in the Lord that His mercy endures forever.”

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