Podcast: AoS speaks out on Lampedusa sinking

AoS has emphasised the need for prayer and action for seafarers and migrants following the recent sinking of a migrant ship in Lampedusa. 
              In an interview with Vatican Radio, AoS National Director Martin Foley says our first response as Christians in such tragedies is to pray for those affected, followed by action.  

              “We at Apostleship of the Sea strongly encourage people to make prayer for seafarers, and migrants more generally, a part of our daily personal prayer and prayer in our parishes – not only at times of tragedy but throughout the year because our experience is that seafarers and migrants are marginalised and can so easily be forgotten.” 
              “The tragedy brings home the human reality of migration. So often migration is talked about in terms of being a burden on the host country but there is also a human cost of migration, as people leave their families to seek work and a better life. The internationally community has to do more to support migrants and the host countries and try and put a stop to the desperation that causes people to put themselves at grave risk, as seen in this tragedy.” 
              Martin also highlighted the culture of indifference that Pope Francis spoke about when visiting the island in July, where the Pontiff observed that “we have fallen into a globalization of indifference. We are accustomed to the suffering of others, it doesn’t concern us, it’s none of our business.” 
              “That is what our port chaplains encounter during their port visits. Because seafarers and migrants exist on the margins of society it is very easy to ignore them but we cannot turn a blind eye and hope this problem will go away.” Our chaplains are people of deep faith and it is their faith that drives them to respond to those in need that they encounter in port by offering practical response for seafarers to contact the families and friends back home but also a spiritual path response, by praying with them, taking them to a local church, and making them feel part of a community.” 
              “Our chaplains and ship visiting volunteers need our support and prayers too as they do such important work and carry out such a valuable mission of the Church.” 
              You can listen to the full podcast by going to this link.

Martin Foley: stressed the importance of prayer and actino
Martin Foley: our chaplains carry out a valuable mission of the Church. Photo by Sophie Stanes