Port Chaplains ‘An Inspiration’

The work of AoS’ port chaplains has inspired London teenager Gabriella Obeng Nyarko so much – she is considering becoming one herself in future.   She experienced first-hand the fantastic work they do whilst working as an intern with AoS during her recent summer holidays. Personally, I believe that the work of a chaplain appears to be exciting yet hard working, and it is something I would seriously consider in the future.”
            During a visit to the port of Ipswich, Gabriella got to see the practical side behind the glamorous cruise industry. Whilst I took a tour to look at the ports, I was fascinated by the cycle of the work which goes behind the scene.” Gabriella also acquired news skills while working at AoS’ head office in London. She even learnt to use a franking machine and personally handwrote some invitation letters. The whole experience was very enjoyable and I am glad to have been part of something new overall,” she says.  
Gabriella with a seafarer