Prayers and letters for seafarers

In preparation for Sea Sunday, the students at St Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School in Farnham, Surrey, prepared an impressive range of letters and prayers for seafarers, as well as posters and greetings cards with shipping themes.
              At the school assembly on July 7th, Alastair Emblem  from the fundraising department of Apostleship of the Sea thanked the children and explained how their work would be distributed to seafarers by the Portsmouth and Southampton Port Chaplain. 
              Many of the letters had focused on praying that seafarers would not miss their families too much on their long journeys away from home. The children were glad to hear that seafarers were comforted by receiving these letters and prayers of support.
              Some of the posters and cards were also used to make a Sea Sunday display in the Church of St Joan of Arc next door to the school. 
              “I was really impressed by the depth of understanding shown by the children in their letters and prayers,” said Alastair (whose own children had attended the school many years ago).
              “The school has a real heart for helping those in need, and we’re delighted that they have given so much support to Apostleship of the Sea.” 
              Head teacher Mrs Anne Gunn explained that the school has a “One World” committee, which looks at helping those less fortunate in the world. The committee members have the task of keeping the rest of the school informed and report to their classes after meetings.
Students of St Polycarp's were delighted to be able to show their support for seafarers

The Committee prayer is:
Dear Lord,
We thank-you for the loving family of St. Polycarp’s.
We know how lucky we are.
Thank you for the people of the world,
People who are so different, yet dependent on each other.
Help us to help others that are not as fortunate as us.
Guide our One World Committee that we
May follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Amen

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