Running for AoS

Kathryn Hogan loves running and likes a good challenge. She has never run a marathon before but all that will change when she makes her marathon debut in Edinburgh this May. 
                 And she has decided to do it for an excellent cause – to help make a difference to the lives of seafarers – by raising funds for Apostleship of the Sea (AoS). 
                 “This is my first marathon and I've decided to raise money for AoS. This is a Catholic charity that reaches out to seafarers across the world regardless of race or faith. Seafarers’ work can be lonely and dangerous and they can spend up to a year away at sea,” said Kathryn, a final year medical student from Yorkshire, intercalating in emergency care in Devon.
                 “AoS provides them with pastoral and practical support.  Although not everyone might personally know a seafarer we all rely on them for shipping our goods, especially with Great Britain being an island!” she adds.
                 "This is a worthy cause, supporting a group of people who regularly leave their families and loved ones, are cut off from their culture and communities, in order to serve our trading needs.” 
                 Kathryn says of her love of running and sport, “My last race was over a year ago and I fancied a new challenge and something to train towards. I’ve never done a marathon before but decided to give it a go. Edinburgh is a beautiful city and I’ve decided to twin the race with making the most of seeing more of Edinburgh.”  
                 Please show your support for Kathryn and help her reach her target of raising £500.00 for AoS. Go to her Just Giving Page here and give what you can. As Kathryn herself says, any donations, whatever the size would be much appreciated!! 

Kathryn Hogan is running her first marathon for Apostleship of the Sea
Kathryn (right) will run her first marathon for AoS.