Seafarer airlifted to hospital

AoS has stepped in to assist a seafarer who had to be airlifted to hospital after falling ill on a ship. 
                 Late evening on November 6, Humber Coast Guard alerted AoS of an emergency on board the tanker Wilhelmine Essberger which was located off the Hartlepool coast. 
                 Filipino crew member, Antonio  Maceda, was thought  to have had a stroke, and a helicopter was despatched to rush him to James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough. 
                 AoS’ port chaplain for Tees & Hartlepool Deacon Peter Barrigan said, “There was great concern about his condition as he was unable to talk and he was having trouble using the right side of his body.
                 “I visited him the next morning and spoke to the medical staff who were monitoring his condition. They had given Antonio prompt treatment and were hopeful his condition was improving as he was able to talk.
                 "I got his home telephone number from him and was able to ring his wife in the Philippines.  Antonio spoke to her to explain what had happened,” he added. 
 Antonio in hospital surrounded by his crew mates
  Antonio surrounded by 
Rhoel, Wilhem and Errol. 

                 On Saturday, Peter took three of Antonio’s crew mates – Rhoel, Wilhem and Errol – from the ship to visit him in hospital. 
                 Peter said, “They were delighted to see his progress and could not believe how well he was considering how poorly he had been when he was airlifted off the ship.
                 They spent an hour with him and were able to help the medical staff with more details of Antonio’s condition on board.” 

                 Antonio was discharged the following day, and with the help of shipping agency Casper Shipping, was able to return home yesterday morning. 
                 “Antonio was grateful for all that had been done for him by all parties involved and said he thanked God that he was able to return home so quickly,” said Peter.

AoS port chaplain in Tees & Hartlepool Peter Barrigan
Deacon Peter Barrigan