Seafarers bring us Christmas gifts

With just days to go until Christmas, pupils at St Mark’s Primary School in Hamilton were asked to remember those responsible for bringing their many festive gifts to these shores. 
              Euan McArthur, Scottish Development Officer, gave an Assembly at the newly-built school in South Lanarkshire where Head Teacher Mrs Caroline Campbell challenged those looking forward to the excitement of Christmas Day, to spare a thought for seafarers whose job often meant they would be unable to spend such a special time of year with their families and loved ones. 
              Mrs Campbell said: “This is a very important charity. For example, have we ever stopped and thought about how a lot of the presents we open in our homes on Christmas Day have arrived in our shops in the first place? 
              “As we now know thanks to Euan’s presentation, they come from ship via the sea so Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) deserve great credit for supporting seafarers in this way.” 
              After a lively question and answer session towards the end of the talk, Mrs Campbell encouraged the Pupil Council to reflect on the work of AoS and look at ways to see how they could help the charity’s work in the New Year. 
              Euan thanked Mrs Campbell and the pupils for their engagement and said: “I look forward to coming back some time in 2017 to give an update on the many stories you’ve all heard.”

Euan McArthur with pupil of St Mark's