Seafarers celebrate All Saints Mass on board

AoS Dover & Medway Deacon Paul Glock organised Mass on All Saints Day for the crew of La Richardias, a bulker carrying a consignment of steel docked at Thamesport.
              The crew were all Filipino and Mass was celebrated at 7 o'clock on Sunday evening. Paul said the last time the crew had a chance to attend Mass was three months ago in Canada.
              Sheerness is known as the centre of the universe and so the centre came to the regions and brought bread to the Isle of Grain where Thamesport is.
              "The crew were immensely happy to have this opportunity and brought out a whole load of things which they wanted to be blessed," said Paul.
              A great example of how AoS is able to respond to seafarers spiritual needs!

AoS arranged for the crew of La Richardias to celebrate All Saints Day Mass on board