Seafarers’ feet washed

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) port chaplain in Immingham Fr Colum Kelly has followed in Jesus’ footsteps this Maundy Thursday by washing the feet of seafarers on board their ship, Iron Frieze, during the celebration of Mass.
                  Fr Colum said, “Throughout his papacy, Pope Francis has encouraged all of us to reach out to minister to those on the margins. He himself celebrated Maundy Mass, washing the feet of prisoners in Rome
                  “The ministry of AoS chaplains is most certainly to those on the margins and our commitment to the people we meet there is an ongoing response to the gospel.” 
                  Fr Colum said the washing of feet is a most powerful example of service of others, whether this is carried out in churches, prisons, hospitals or indeed, ships.
                  “So it was with great joy that I celebrated Maundy Thursday with the crew of Iron Frieze, and knelt to wash their feet.”
                  He added, “It was a wonderful celebration and the captain decided that the planned Easter food should be eaten after the Mass. So there was a feast of chickens, prawns, red snapper and pasta dishes.” 
                  The ship left Immingham with a happy crew, having shared Easter liturgy and food.
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Apostleship of the Sea Immingham port chaplain Fr Colum Kelly washes the feet of seafarers from Iron Frieze