Seafarers vital to global economy

St Bride’s parish in East Kilbride more than rallied round as they took Apostleship of the Sea’s strong message to their hearts during the recent celebration of Sea Sunday. 
             AoS made a first-time visit to the Motherwell Diocese parish where parish priest Rafal Sobieszuk welcomed them as they addressed parishioners at all four Masses over the weekend. 
             A very healthy £1,114 was raised after Scotland Development Officer, Euan McArthur, and volunteer Andy McDonald spoke about some of the main issues currently facing seafarers. 
             Father Sobieszuk said, "Apostleship of the Sea is a very important charity and we are very happy to support their efforts to improve the lives of seafarers, which can be both dangerous and lonely." 
St Bride parish in East Kilbride celebrates Sea Sunday
             Parishioner Peter Bleasdale, Managing Director at Price and Pierce Tissue Division in Glasgow, said, "I know from my own personal business experience how much we as a company rely on getting our goods shipped across the world. 
             "Whether it's Glasgow, Helsinki or Turkey, it's a story that affects everyone because so much of our goods arrive by ship nearly every day. 
             "Seafarers are so important to our worldwide economy. I would like wish Apostleship of the Sea all the very best for the future." 

             Euan said, "This is a marvellous show of generosity from all associated with St. Bride's. We thank them sincerely for such a warm welcome to their parish."