Ship fire crew supported

              Bryony Watson our new port chaplain in Immingham was recently informed by a crew member of a fire on their ship on Easter Sunday. The fire is believed to have originated in a cabin, and had taken an hour to be extinguished, causing extensive damages to the cables and the equipment on the bridge. 
              The crew were safely evacuated and taken to Grimsby hospital to be checked over, and some crew were then transferred to Hull Royal Infirmary for further checks. 
              Bryony said, "Thankfully, they were discharged from hospital and went back on board the vessel. It was understandably a terrifying experience for the crew, most especially for the young mess-man, as it is his first time at sea. 
              "He told me how scared he had been, and how he no longer wants to be a seafarer. We chatted in the mess room, sorted out phones and SIM cards, and the crew talked about the fire, and how all of third officer's possessions had been lost."
              Luckily, Bryony had enough Easter eggs left over for the whole ship so she took them on board along with a box of hats that Fr Colum Kelly had just brought back from his weekend Masses at a parish in Selby. Both eggs and hats were eagerly received by all. 
              We're very relieved to hear the crew are all safe. Huge thanks to Bryony for supporting them through this!
AoS Immingham port chaplain Bryony Watson supported seafarers whose ship caught fire