Shipwrecked Mariners


Mark Kemmis Betty, ship visitor in Weymouth and Portland (pictured below), was asked by the Portland Coastguard to come to the aid of some shipwrecked mariners. Mark was called by the coastguard who told him that a 35ft Trimaran Starship had been wrecked on the Portland harbour breakwater and the two man crew had been taken off and had no where to stay. Could he help? He met the two crew men, the owner of the craft and his father in law at the Coastguard Office in Weymouth and took them home for the night.
           He says "They were out of luck as Judy my wife, was out and they had to put with my cooking! The first thing they wanted was a hot bath /shower having been soaked through."  Unfortunateley as the lifeboat crew tried to tow the Trimaran back to Weymouth Harbour it sunk. Luckily one of the men had a mobile phone and a credit card with him, but the elder crewman lost all his personal possession.  Mark kindly put them up for the night and then arranged for them to travel on a train the next morning to Stroud where they live. You can read the full story in the Dorset Echo.