South Yorkshire pupils learn about AoS’ work

Students from Mount St Mary's College were introduced to the world of global shipping from the grounds of their school in South Yorkshire by Apostleship of the Sea (AoS). 
                  AoS national director Martin Foley presented a talk during assembly at the school on September 7. 
                  He spoke about the sea and the lives of seafarers which touches many aspects of the national curriculum and is a fundamental part of Great Britain’s heritage. 
                  The children also learnt about how AoS supports seafarers welfare and faith needs.
                  Foley said, “We rely on the sea for many things and up to 95% of the goods we use or consume in the UK arrive by sea. There are some 100,000 ships at sea crewed by more than 1.5 million seafarers. It is a world that is often so close to children from seaside trips and ferry crossings, but relatively unknown to them.” 
                   As a seafarers charity AoS, through its network of port chaplains across Great Britain, helps seafarers, by providing them with WiFi connection and telephone cards so they can contact home, and supporting their spiritual needs such as attending Mass.
                  Fr Simon Ellis, the school’s director of chaplaincy who organised the talks, also serves as a chaplain on board cruise ships, and has supported seafarers working on cruise vessels.
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Pupils from Mount St Mary's College were given an assembly talk by Apostleship of the Sea