Stella Maris Mass Southwark 2018

Apostleship of the Sea’s (AoS) ministry of providing friendship and spiritual and material support to seafarers is a great example of the Corporal Works of Mercy, said Archbishop Peter Smith in his homily at the Mass of Our Blessed Virgin Mary Stella Maris held in St George’s Cathedral. 
              Archbishop Peter was the main celebrant at the Mass, held on September 21, to commemorate the feast of our Lady Star of the Sea, and to pray for seafarers.
              It was attended by AoS supporters, donors, volunteers, trustees, port chaplains, parish contacts, knitters, well-wishers, head office staff and local parishioners. 
              AoS port chaplain and ship visitors’ welcome seafarers at ports in Great Britain, providing care and friendship to them.
Stella Maris Mass Southwark 2018
Photo: Maria Brosnan              
              In Southwark Diocese, AoS port chaplains and ship visitors reach out to seafarers in the ports of Gravesend, Sheerness, Dover and Medway. 
              “We know the enormous contribution that seafarers make to the global economy. However, life at sea often means long periods of separation from family and community,” said Archbishop Peter. 
              He added that nowadays, ships are in and out of the port in a matter of hours, which made it challenging for seafarers to keeping in touch with their families. 
              Hence having someone they can talk to from AoS is a great support and comfort to many seafarers. 
              “We thank all of you who support the AoS and those who provide financial support, without which their Works of Mercy cannot continue,” said Archbishop Peter. 
              “We ask the intercession of Our Blessed Virgin Mother for all seafarers and for the flourishing of AoS as AoS moves towards their centenary in 2020. God bless you in the work you do and keep it up,” he added.