Stirling Catenians Host AoS

Aos Deacon Richard Haggarty held a captive audience at Stirling Catenians on 9th October, when he was the Circle's guest speaker for the evening at the Westlands hotel in Dunblane.
Richard's after-dinner talk was so inspiring it led to two more potential volunteer ship visitors declaring their interest at the end of what was a well-worthwhile evening. The evening also raised £106.31in donations thanks to an impromptu whip-round organised through the brothers own generosity.
        Deacon Richard has also now been invited to speak at the Glasgow Catenians in the New Year as AoS continue to raise awareness in Scotland of its invaluable work.

Pictured ( L-R): Andy McDonald MBE (AoS Volunteer), Richard Haggarty (AoS Deacon), Euan McArthur (AoS National Development Officer for Scotland)