Leaving a gift of any value in your Will can make a real and lasting difference to the lives of the seafarers and fishers that Stella Maris supports, today and in the future.

When making a Will it is important to provide for your loved ones – your family, friends, and relatives. It is also a unique chance to provide for those causes closest to your heart and leave a lasting contribution. After you have looked after your friends and family, please consider leaving us gift in your Will, to ensure that Stella Maris continues to be there for seafarers and fishers in times of need.

If you notify us of your promise to leave a gift in your Will, we will include your name on a roll of honour and an annual Mass will be said for your intentions. Every year after your passing, we’ll honour your name in gratitude and love at a special Remembrance Mass, and a special tribute page can be included on our website.

Why leave a legacy?

Stella Maris supporters Mary and Mike Reeve explain why they have chosen to leave a gift in their Will to Stella Maris (formerly known as Apostleship of the Sea).

“We decided to leave a legacy to Apostleship of the Sea a year or so ago. We don’t have any children. But we had thought about it a year before when we had a Will written. It’s quite hard when you hear about these men at sea. They are away from home for months at a time and they can be treated badly by certain shipping companies. They bring our food and the goods we use. I think we owe them something. I’d encourage others to leave a legacy. I think it’s right to share what you have with others.”

How can a legacy help?

The generosity of a legacy donor provided vital help for a Filipino seafarer in intensive care for a month. Maureen Swan, from Twickenham, kindly left £5,000 in her will to Stella Maris.

Her compassion for seafarers meant that when long-serving seafarer Rame Desamparado was injured in a car crash while on leave in the Philippines, he and his family received the help they needed. Rame had a long period of rehabilitation following his stay in intensive care and part of Mrs Swan’s gift was used to pay the hospital costs of caring for him. Mrs Swan’s daughter, Kate, said, “I know my mother would be delighted to have supported a family in this way.”

Want to know more?

We are always happy to help with any questions you might have about leaving a gift in your Will. 

Contact Jonathan Heard on 020 7901 1936 or [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Writing a Will is an essential way to ensure that the people and things that are important to you are protected long after you have gone. To help you write your Will, we have partnered with the Free Will Network to make it as easy as possible for you to protect the things that matter to you. For more information, contact David Dale on 0744 633 9992 or [email protected]

There are three types of gifts that you can leave in your Will:

  • Residuary gift: after gifts to loved ones, you can leave a proportion to charity. This way, you do not need to know in advance how much will be left in your estate, and the gift will adjust automatically with inflation.
  • Pecuniary (cash) gift: This option enables you to leave a fixed sum of money to us. If you want to “inflation-proof” your gift, speak to your solicitor about a residuary gift.
  • Specific gift: This option means that you can leave a specific tangible item such as a house, piece of jewellery, antique or car as a gift.

As a member of the National Free Wills Network, we can offer supporters the opportunity to have their Wills written by a local participating solicitor free of charge.

The network has been running for ten years and consists of over 800 solicitors across the UK who are in good standing with the Law Society and operating within the stringent rules of the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The network also ensures compliance with the Charity Commission and the Institute of Fundraising.

Get in touch with us today to find out how to get your Will written free of charge.

Contact David Dale on 0744 633 9992 or [email protected]

A codicil is the best and fastest legal way in which to make sure that your gift to Stella Maris is legally secured and in place. We can prive you with a short and simple codicil form which can be filled out and signed in front of two witnesses. This is then is a legally binding addition to be stored safely with your existing Will.

While we greatly appreciate knowing if you have left us a gift in your Will so that we can thank you, and that we can better plan for the future, you are never required to notify us, and we will always respect your right to privacy.

Our promise to you

  • we’ll answer any questions honestly and quickly.
  • we won’t put you under pressure – this is a big decision so please decide in your own time.
  • your loved ones come first – we respect that and won’t try to change it.
  • we’ll use your special gift wisely and effectively.
  • you don’t have to tell us your decision – we respect your right to privacy – but to help us with our planning you could use the pledge form here.
  • you can come and see our service first-hand – just let us know.