Tenth Annual Pilgrimage to Holy Island

Trustees, staff members, chaplains, volunteers, parish contacts and supporters came together as pilgrims for the Apostleship of the Sea's, NE region, tenth annual pilgrimage to Holy Island on Saturday 1st June 2013.
       The pilgrimage began in glorious sunshine, in a tranquil setting, just opposite St Cuthbert’s Island, with the now traditional ‘Celtic Prayer on the Beach’. This mix of music, readings and prayer is extremely popular with pilgrims and sets the tone for a peaceful and reflective day. At this point around 250 pilgrims were gathered, several from outside the immediate area having travelled from Guildford, London and Liverpool.
         Following this, pilgrims were free to spend time exploring the island, having lunch, visiting the churches and continuing the reflective mood established earlier. At 4.00pm, pilgrims re-assembled, this time 400+ for the outdoor Mass of Corpus Christi in the grounds of St Mary’s Anglican Church. This was led by Bishop Tom Burns of the diocese of Menevia, who is also the Bishop Promoter of the Apostleship of the Sea in England and Wales. The Mass was concelebrated by Mgr Ronnie Brown (AoS Trustee) and Fr Michael Griffiths (St Joseph’s, Hartlepool), Fr Anthony Hogarth (a priest from the diocese of Northampton now living in retirement back in his home town of Hartlepool) and Deacons, Jude Newton and Peter Barrigan.
              In his homily Bishop Tom spoke of the plight of seafarers, making particular mention of the trauma and suffering endured by those taken hostage by pirates. After Mass, AoS Chair of Trustees Eamonn Delaney gave a short address thanking all present for their support, and expressing the hope that this annual gathering, which is such a key event in the AoS calendar may continue for the next ten years and many more to come.