Thank You for your Christmas support

A special message of thanks from our Director of Chaplaincy, Fr John Lavers.

To everyone who has and continues to support Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea), thank you for all of your kind donations of Christmas chocolates, toiletries as well as the many other gifts including woolly hats and warm clothing which was generously donated for the betterment of life for the seafarers this past Christmas.
             The People of Sea, who work so very hard and long hours far away from home truly appreciate and know the great kindness that comes from your hearts.
             When these items were delivered to the seafarers onboard ships the days before, during and after Christmas, the wide smiles of seafarers and their ‘thank you thank you’ reminds us of how we must never forget the sacrifice that the People of Sea make in bringing us over 90% of all the goods we enjoy in our daily lives. In giving to the seafarers we are reminded of how works of charity help us to grow in the spiritual life.
             Once again, thank you to everyone and to Fr Paul for supporting the Apostleship of the Sea. Our Lady Star of the Sea…pray for seafarers!