Thumbs up for top ups

Apostleship of the Sea’s (AoS) port chaplain in Immingham Steve Willows who recently joined Fr Colum in his ministry has been busy ship visiting the many vessels coming into the ports along the Trent. 
                  On one particular visit to Flixborough with ship visitor Bryony Watson, Steve saw for himself how small gestures can often make a huge difference to the lives of the seafarers. 
                  Steve and Bryony went on board the Amadeus Gold with top up phone cards for the crew.
                  It was quite a trek as they had to go to the far end of the ship to get on-board and then walk back along the length of the ship. 
                  By the time they got to the mess room there was quite a gathering of crew members. Their smiling faces said it all.
Steve Willows is Apostleship of the Sea's port chaplain in Immingham
 “They were so happy to see us and were very chatty. It showed the importance of being there to give them the opportunity to get top ups,” said Steve.  
                  Needless to say, the cards were put to good use by the seafarers to contact their families and loved ones back home. 
                  It may have been just a ‘routine’ visit but it goes to show that AoS’ port chaplains are there for seafarers in good times and bad.