Tilbury and Thames Gets New Port Chaplain

Tilbury and Thames’ new port chaplain Wojciech Holub views his appointment as a vocation. He is enriched by his daily ship visits and feels blessed when he is able to assist crew members.
           “I usually get requests for crucifixes and Tagalog bibles by Filipino seafarers and other day-to-day things like telephone cards as well as arranging for Mass to be celebrated. Ship visiting is a very important part of AoS’ work. I find it a real joy meeting and listening to the experiences of the crew and try and spend as much time as I can onboard,"  says Wojciech who originally comes from the city of Gdansk in Poland and joined AoS in August.
         “It is sad that despite the age of technology, some crew still cannot get internet access on board their vessels.  Also, no matter how large ships have become, seafarers are still subject to the perils of the sea and I can see how much respect they have for the sea and for the forces of nature. Our work as port chaplains and ship visitors has become more important than ever as shipping becomes more globalised and automated. It can be hard work but I find it rewarding and it keeps me busy.”