Tragic Death

Last week, a crewman was airlifted to hospital with severe burns after a fire in the engine room of a tanker off the Whitby coast. The 8,500 tonne vessel, the Mississippi Star, contained no cargo and had left Teesport en route to Antwerp, Belgium, when the fire broke out six miles off the Whitby coast. Media reports said that there were 18 crew on board. The injured seafarer from the Philippines was airlifted to the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough to be treated before sent to another hospital.
            Apostleship of the Sea stepped in to provide support.  Once the ship had docked again in Teesport, local port chaplain Tony McAvoy visited the ship to provide support to the crew. The ship was in a virtual 'lockdown' as an investigation into the fire had begun. Meanwhile, one of AoS’s Filipino volunteer ship visitors met the injured seafarer’s wife as she flew in from the Philippines. Unfortunately, in the early hours of Sunday morning the seafarer passed away. In the ensuing days the AoS team continued to provide practical and pastoral support to his wife.
            Meanwhile the crew of the ship were not forgotten. At the request of the ship’s captain, AoS arranged for Mass be celebrated on-board by local priest, Canon Eddie Gubbins. AoS was also on hand to support the crew when they were informed that one of their numbers had passed away.
Tony McAvoy with Seafarer