What is your Catholic legacy?

Every minute of every day, someone is helped by a Catholic charity. Whether they are a parent struggling to take care of their family in Newcastle or Nairobi, a parishioner finding hope in God’s word in Lymington or Lima, a prisoner or a patient, a priest retiring from his life of service, a seafarer thousands of miles from home or a community who’ve lost everything in a natural disaster; millions of people around the world depend on the support of Catholic organisations. 
                   In turn, Catholic causes depend upon the kindness of the Catholic community to fund those services. At the heart of their survival are legacies: gifts left in the wills of parishioners and supporters. Legacies allow charities and churches to share God’s love today while promising to be here for people in need tomorrow. 
                   Here at AoS, for example, gifts in wills fund one tenth of all our work supporting seafarers across the UK. We provide 14 chaplains and 120 volunteer ship visitors, who cover 56 ports. Last year, they carried out nearly 10,000 ship visits, organised over 160 Masses on board ships, and provided over 2,500 faith resources. (Read our Annual Review to find out more).
                   With the help of legacies, we can make a lasting difference and carry out projects that might otherwise not be possible. 
That’s why AoS has joined with 12 other trusted Catholic charities this summer to ask you one simple question: what will your Catholic legacy be? 
                   What’s important in your life? Who do you want to take care of? What lessons do you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren? We wholeheartedly believe that writing a will is the best possible way to provide for the people and causes close to your heart; and it’s a great way to ensure your faith and values live on. 
                   A gift in your will really could save and change lives. Whether you leave a little something for vulnerable people in your community or the church’s roof repairs, or for the hospice that nursed your loved one or aid projects and missions in developing countries; you can leave a legacy of love and hope to people in their hour of need. 
                   So what will your Catholic legacy be? You can get more information about Your Catholic Legacy and its member charities here
Your Catholic Legacy encourages Catholics to leave a legacy