In 2020 we directly ministered to 17,300 seafarers and fishers in the UK


seafarers and fishers supported within Covid-19 restrictions in the UK


gospel readings were filmed and emailed to crews


woolly hats knitted for seafarers by our amazing supporters in Tisbury, Wiltshire!


chaplains visiting UK ports day and night


of seafarers we surveyed said Wi-Fi units were vitally important to stay connected with their families


of seafarers we surveyed suffered significant financial impact during the pandemic


ports across the UK served by our chaplains


months that one seafarer had been aboard his vessel before receiving a visit from anyone – as told to our chaplain (their first visitor)

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Our global network in 2020

More than

1,000 chaplains and volunteers

around the globe



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Active in

60 Countries

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Bep was at sea when his triplets were born early and rushed to intensive care. Medical bills were financially crippling the family, but with help from the Stella Maris welfare fund Bep was able to pay the hospital bills.

“Thank you for letting these boys be with us. Our home has a huge Joy always. Thank you to Stella Maris everyday…We love you…GOD BLESS

– Sheila Mae, Bep’s wife

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Supporting Fishermen in South Africa

More than 40 million people are in some form of slavery today according to the International Labour Organisation, including more

Human Rights Abuses

In June 2018 Nicholas Barends, the Stella Maris South Africa national director, found a letter on his office desk from

Volunteering walking towards a ship

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

Following a pirate attack on a cargo ship in the Gulf of Guinea, the P&I club contacted our London office

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