Will you help AoS to build a brighter future?

Will you join with us and Your Catholic Legacy to share your prayers, wishes and hopes for a better future? 
              Archbishop Peter Smith and Your Catholic Legacy are celebrating with a Mass at Southwark Cathedral on 11th June 2016. 
              We would love you to attend, but if you are unable to, will you share a prayer for a better future? 
              Apostleship of the Sea is a founder member of Your Catholic Legacy.  At our Mass we will give thanks for the work of Catholic charities and the lives they change.
              We’re also praying for a better, brighter future. 
              AoS Legacy Officer Alastair Emblem, who is current Chair of Your Catholic Legacy, says:  “Please share your prayer by visiting yourcatholiclegacy.org.uk and clicking the  ‘share your prayer’ button at the top of the page. We’ll include it in our Mass and display it on our prayer tree at the Cathedral.” 
              If you’d like to attend our event, please let us know. Refreshments will be provided after the service, and we will hear from our special guest speakers, Barry and Margaret Mizen, as they share their story about their work striving to leave a legacy of peace in memory of their son, Jimmy. 
              For more information please contact John Green: [email protected] or telephone 07715 905103
Join AoS and Your Catholic Legacy to share your prayer for a better future