Harvest Appeal

Right now, all along East Anglia’s coast, small ships are ferrying tonnes of grain from our shores to Europe and beyond. The work is intense, dusty and relentless.

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We see the tough conditions these seafarers endure. For many, Stella Maris is a lifeline.

Please, this Harvest time, will you support seafarers on small vessels who depend on Stella Maris every day?

When you realise how demanding the Harvest work is, you will see why your kindness means so much to these seafarers…

The Harvest grain ships start operating in early July. Each vessel has a crew of around seven seafarers, from places like Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines and Nigeria. They collect grain from a series of small ports in East Anglia and race their cargo over to Spain and North Africa.

It’s a rapid turnaround.

After waiting off the coast there for a free berth, the crew unloads and cleans down the hold. Dust from the grain gets everywhere; it makes their eyes stream and their throats sore. Within a few busy hours, the ship is heading back to East Anglia. But at sea, there’s little respite. The short voyages and tiny cabins mean seafarers have little time to rest and relax.

The sad truth is, these hardworking seafarers are often forgotten and overlooked.

  • Seafarers rarely have a moment to buy food or send money home.
  • Ports visited by the small grain ships have few facilities for crews, such as seafarer centres.
  • With no wifi on board, seafarers struggle to stay in touch with family.

This vital ministry can only happen with your support. And right now, seafarers need you. Together, we make a real difference to the lives of these hardworking men and women, of all nationalities

Please, will you donate today?