Help for fishing boat crew

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) Hartlepool ship visitor Brenda Bland responded to an urgent request from the crew of a fishing boat who needed warm winter clothing. 
              The 10 men, eight of whom were overseas workers from North Africa, were employed on the boat in late January, and were based at the fishing quay in Victoria Dock. 
              They had oilskins on them but were otherwise poorly-equipped for fishing in the North Sea in winter, and desperately needed jumpers, gloves and other warm clothing. 
              The Dock’s manager was able to get word out to Brenda, who quickly set about getting these essential items for the crew. The clothes were received with heartfelt thanks and gratitude by the men. 
              Brenda said, “We’re only too happy to help. That’s what AoS is here for – to respond to the immediate needs of seafarers and fishermen – in both practical and pastoral ways.”
Brenda seen here with AoS Teesport chaplain Deacon Peter Barrigan
Brenda seen here with AoS Teesport Chaplain Deacon Peter Barrigan.