Rotary members learn about AoS work

Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) was given a warm welcome when volunteer Andy McDonald (MBE) made a presentation to the Rotary Club of Alloa. 
              Andy, AoS parish contact for Our Lady & St NInian in Bannockburn Scotland, spoke to the group in Alloa and was delighted to discover that one member present spent as much time at sea as he had, with 70 years shared equally between them. 
              Andy, who was an engineer in the Royal Navy, told those present how AoS was founded in Glasgow in 1920 ahead of next year’s Centenary and how the charity reaches out with practical and spiritual support to all seafarers. 
              The members were interested to hear about Grangemouth port and its close proximity to the town of Alloa which is situated near to the River Forth. 
              There was genuine appreciation of how seafarers are so important to everyday life in providing essential goods as well as time to reflect on the support provided by dedicated AoS port chaplains, and volunteer ship visitors. 
              Andy responded to a wide-range of questions, and in return encouraged those in attendance to check the AoS website for any further information. Michael Clark, from the Rotary group, said, “We thank Andy for his interesting and educational presentation. It was enjoyed by everyone and made us realise just how vital it is for seafarers to be given such strong support.”
AoS gave a talk to the Rotary Club of Alloa in Scotland
From left to right: Rotary President Alistair Spowage, Ray Gill and Andy.