Sea Sunday St Teresa Newarthill

Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) made many friends on their recent visit to St Teresa Newarthill, and none more so than Parish Priest Fr. Bill Bergin. 
              Volunteer Gerry Bradshaw and AoS Scotland Development Officer, Euan McArthur, spoke at both Masses in the Motherwell Diocese parish and raised £431.45 on the weekend of September 8 & 9.
              Fr Bill Bergin, who will make the journey to the Capital to be in attendance at the Stella Maris Mass in St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh on the evening of Monday 24 September, praised AoS for all they do in supporting seafarers. 
              Fr Bergin said, “We are very happy to offer our fullest support as a parish. A lot of AoS’ efforts are perhaps unseen, but we must appreciate how important they are in helping seafarers who are vital to our economy.” 
              AoS will return close to the Newarthill area next month. Sea Sunday will take place in St John Bosco , New Stevenston, and Christ the King, Holytown thanks to Fr. Gerry Haddock who has invited the charity to speak about our work on the final weekend of October.
AoS spoke at Masses in St Teresa Newarthill for Sea Sunday