Seafarers get on their bikes

North Tees Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) ship visitors Mary and Hugh Ward were on a routine visit on board the ship Eco Universe when they received a request from the crew for three bicycles. 
              The seafarers needed the bikes to get ashore and to local facilities in their next port of call. The crew also reckoned that cycling would help them keep fit. 
              So they immediately contacted another AoS Tees ship visitor, Jimmy Ross, who is the fount of all knowledge when it comes to getting ‘bargains’ for seafarers.
              The three headed to a local charity that repairs bikes and sells them at very reasonable rates. Three bikes were purchased and promptly delivered to the ship.
              The next day the ship’s master, Captain Grubat, sent Mary an email saying, “Dear Mary, many thanks for your very kind assistance including Hugh and Jim. At last we have now 3 bicycles onboard to use for touring port city places and for physical fitness as well.
              "Thank you very much once again and God bless you and your families! Best regards, Capt. Grubat."

AoS North Tees ship visitor Jimmy Ross with the seafarers and their bikes
Jimmy Ross with Capt Grubat and a crew member of the ship with their 'new' bikes.