Seafarers spirits lifted after Mass

Peter Morgan, Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) port chaplain in Portsmouth, South England, stepped in to provide pastoral care for a refrigerated cargo ship’s crew upon the request of its manager, Seatrade Groningen BV, after a seafarer died on board. 
             The 19 crew members on the Comoros Stream were distraught following their colleague’s death while they were at sea in the Atlantic en-route to Portsmouth. 
             Feeling uncomfortable and seeking reassurance, they requested that the ship be blessed when they arrived in port. Peter arranged for a local priest, Fr Peter Hart, from St Margaret Mary Church, to celebrate Mass on board and bless the ship. 
             On June 4, Peter (photo below), AoS ship visitors Geoff Breeze and Elfi Ip, and Fr Peter boarded the vessel to meet the crew. 
Peter Morgan AoS Portsmouth port chaplain arranged Mass on board the Comoros Stream
             “The mood on board was quite low and the seafarers did not speak much of the deceased, perhaps because the tragic incident was still very fresh in their minds,” said Peter. 
             “Mass was celebrated in memory of the deceased crew member. After that some of crew spoke with Fr Peter. This was very much appreciated by the crew. There was a change of atmosphere on board after this, it was more positive. 
             “The ship and the cabin of the deceased were blessed on request of the captain and chief engineer. The crew felt more comfortable after this,
” Peter added. 
             The ship has since left Portsmouth, but Peter and AoS local ship visitors will continue to support the crew when they return to Portsmouth in just over a month’s time from their South America run. 
             The tragic incident is a powerful example of AoS’ ministry of “going to where the hurt is… the Church in outreach to those on the margins”, where Pope Francis encourages us to go.