Video: Barbara Dickson OBE expresses support for Stella Maris

Scottish singer and actress Barbara Dickson OBE expresses her support for Stella Maris

In a recent video appeal for Catholic seafarer’s charity, Stella Maris, Scottish singer, songwriter, musician and actress, Barbara Dickson OBE, has appealed for people to give generously in supporting people who need help, and who are “a long, long way from home”.

Barbara told how she was brought up as a child in Dunfermline, Scotland, very near to which was a huge naval dockyard, which at one point employed some 9,000 people – one of whom was her own father.

Barbara’s father was a cook on a large ocean-going tug, however, unlike the people that Stella Maris help, Barbara explained, “my Dad never spent any time on the ocean at all. He didn’t go away from home. He wasn’t left on the other side of the world for a long, long time. He came back to his family every single night – and we were very grateful for that.”

Stella Maris was founded in 1920, in Scotland, on the banks of the Clyde, however, Barbara recalled how she first heard of the charity’s work when she worked in Lincolnshire, in England, “Immingham and Grimsby were great big ports, with lots and lots of seafarers coming and going; and they did receive a lot of support, and we were very aware of the work of Stella Maris there”, she said.

Barbara spoke of the work that Stella Maris undertake in helping those in need, and who are “a long, long way from home”, and appealed for those who can, to please give generously.